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Representational image: by Rosario "Charo" Gutierrez/U.S. Air Force


We are taking national and international precautionary measures to ensure that our dedicated volunteers and communities remain safe during this challenging time amid the coronavirus pandemic. We go about this by doing our part to ensure we reduce the spread of COVID-19 by staying 6 feet away from each other; we cover our faces by wearing disposable/cloth masks and washing our hands while interacting socially.


We provide disinfectant materials and do a thorough cleaning process at our peace event. Our selected participants received temperature screening prior to attending. Individuals who will refuse or fail the screening are not allowed. 


​Liberia, which is among the global countries hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, now seemed to experience reduced cases. Because of Liberia's vital public health and safety measures outlined by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Liberia, we have resumed our peace initiative in communities across Liberia. We will continue to update you about all safety measures we are taking to lower the spread of COVID-19 as we go about promoting peace and development in Liberia.

To read more about confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries in Liberia, click here.

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