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BUBL National Youth Summit 2020

BUBL National Youth Summit 2020 organized under the theme National Leadership and Youth Development help gathered together more than 40 people including youth leaders and guest speakers from several civil society and international organizations across Liberia.  On April 21, 22 and 24 Better Understanding for a Better Liberia (BUBL) hosted a two-day summit and historical tour in Paynesville and Monrovia city, Liberia. During the first two days of the summit, participants were involved in multiple interactive sessions with our speakers and panelists. Among the topics discussed were "Female representation and role in leadership," "Role of youth in maintaining peace in Liberia", and "Youth participation in national leadership and development". Each speaker's presentation was followed by interactive Q&A sessions and group activities. Participants were subdivided into 5 groups. Each group brainstormed and presented solutions to topics discussed.


Almost all five groups agreed that the first step in solving most of our problems in Liberia is to embrace religious tolerance and intertribal communication and understanding. Few participants wrote poetry and the top three were awarded certificates by BUBL. On the third day of the summit, we took the participants on a tour of historical sites in Monrovia. We visited the Liberian National Museum, Providence Island, Mayflower, and Ducor Hotel. Mayflower was the ship that transported freed slaves back to Africa (Liberia) and they docked on the island called Providence Island. Ducor hotel was one of the first five-star hotels in West Africa before it was destroyed during the Liberian civil war. We had tour guides at every location to help explain the history to participants and answer their questions. Participants and speakers were awarded certificates by BUBL.Among the participants, there were 20 males and 10 females who received training in peacebuilding and youth leadership to promote peace and development in their communities in Liberia.

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During the two days of training, participants were exposed to different problems we face as Liberians. We invited speakers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We had speakers from civil society organizations, national and international institutions including the US Embassy through USAID. Participants learned the importance of peace and how to maintain peace. They learned the importance of cooperation and intertribal networking and dialogue to solve our common problems. They learned to accept and respect others who believe and worship differently. There is a constant need for peace and development in Liberia. The only way to solve either of those problems is for young people to work together beyond tribal and religious boundaries. BUBL has made significant progress in helping youth work together to solve our problems as Liberians. Participants were appreciative of the opportunity to learn and interact with Liberian history. By the end of the summit, they all vowed to be agents of peace and development. Most of them agreed BUBL National Youth Summit was the most engaging and interactive summit they have attended.

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In our post-workshop evaluation, 98% of participants agreed they are more open and willing to engage in peace and intertribal/interfaith dialogue. 100% of participants said they learned at least one important part of Liberian history that they had never known before. 100% of them agreed that peace and development can only be achieved if we work together beyond tribal and religious lines vs. about 54% before the summit. 75% said they admired the networking presentation.
Posts on BUBL social media and website received over 15,000 views, over 3000 likes, and over 100 comments including: "Wonderful youths leadership summit thanks to all the participants. Indeed, we as youths, are not too young to lead!. Kudos guys! Keep leading."

Participant feedback included: "I would personally like to appreciate the entire BUBL family for all the hard work and energetic effort you all put into making the BUBL2021 national youth summit an inspiring, educative, historical and a very great and unique one for everyone one of us.
Honestly, it was really really amazing. I personally learned a lot from there. Indeed, we all can make a better change, we can work hard and make our beloved Mama Liberia a better country.
Let's keep the ball rolling guys." Madusu V. Sayon

"My profound gratitude to the Executives and Members of BUBL. Both the Summit and the visit were amazing and I a had great experience from being a part of it all. I promise you'll always have my support and contributions to your programs in any way possible."


Chris One speaker's feedback: "I had such a wonderful time. Thank you for the opportunity to meet with your very talented group! I hope my session was useful and kind of fun too!" Kimberlee Bell
Supervisory Program Officer USAID Liberia.

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