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We provide Interfaith-Intercultural Dialogue, Youth Leadership, and Peacebuilding training to outstanding Liberians who dedicate themselves to learning the issues they care about in Liberia. We like to share a few of their incredible experiences in their own words of how they came to learn over the years at our training and the improved action they're taking in their communities.

There is no power for change greater 
a community discovering what
it care about.

Margaret Wheatley

An American Writer and Consultant


Princess Vanjahkollie  Peace Ambassador 

I attended BUBL National Youth Summit in 2019, and it remains a memorable learning experience for me. I was taught many important things about Liberia's history and aspects of youth leadership and peacebuilding skills to improve Liberia. Being a Liberian, I am elated to using the training I attained from the summit to help keep people united and promote peaceful activities in Liberia. 
Today, I've realized that everyone is related in Liberia regardless of ethnicity  
difference because 

all local tribes spoken in Liberia are similarities and connected to the history of Liberia.

Manmade Sesay_BUBL_edited.jpg

Mamade Sesay  Executive Director of One-Africa Social Platform

I was privileged to attend Better Understanding for a Better Liberia 2019 National Youth Summit.
The summit was a great experience that inspired me in the following ways: to engage in teamwork with people of diverse backgrounds to see all 
uniqueness in myself and them. I further ascertained

that our world has just one real group of people and that the different cultural and geographical of Liberia are much more valuable than the reason for division. I was inspired to recognize the true worth of collective dialogue, youth leadership, and peacebuilding, and to translate positive vision into action in my community.

Musa Sedebay_BUBL

Musa Sedebay  Participant

It was a great opportunity for me attending the 2019 National Youth Summit organized by BUBL.
The summit was inspirational and gave us participants the chance to interact together with each other to discuss the importance of peaceful dialogue and national leadership in Liberia. The summit reawakens my passion as a youth of Liberia to continue caring for my fellow Liberians, respect the rules of law, people's religion, and prosperity for Liberia. In short, I'm thrilled that I
was able
to learn important skills in being a changemaker. I want to extend bravo to BUBL team
for organizing such a wonderful summit.

Mohamed S. Bah_BUBL

Mohamed S. Bah  Participant 

I'm one of the two participants who came from Maryland County to attend BUBL National Youth Summit in Monrovia. As a person from a minority group in Liberia, I was inspired to learn 

collective efforts to resolving religious and cultural barriers to help sustain peace for the betterment of Liberia. Each guest speaker at the summit shared meaningful insights for improving Liberia which impacted me to see myself in ways that I can be a contributor to developing Liberia. It became amazing for me to receive both informative and educational training about youth leadership and peacebuilding, and connecting with diverse people at the summit. This helped me recognized the importance of diversity and promoting peace in Liberia.

Fatu Kaba_BUBL

Fatu Kaba  Member of Reformists Youth Network (RYN) 

I was very fortunate to gain skills from BUBL peace work, which I am using to manage a small organization the Reformists Youth Network (RYN) that addresses improving participation of diversity between religious and cultural groups in Liberia. After learning how important diversity is to national peace and development from the Inspirational Speech and Leadership Conference held by BUBL in Monrovia. I quickly became inspired by the knowledge and skills I gained. The dialogue was remarkable because it helped us together to identify solutions for problems we're facing in our communities and how to lead in the direction for improvement.

Joshua S. Khakie Jr_BUBL

Joshua S. Khakie Jr — Participant 

I gained inspiration from BUBL that is leading me today to take action in my community. After I attended a training organized by BUBL, I became to observe major issues in my community  that water sources there were not properly clean and safe for drinking. I did not sit to watch others address the issue. I started to volunteer with other young people and elders to help clean and provide protective covers to restore good conditions of wells for clean and safe drinking water.

Allen N_edited.jpg

Allen N. Gbor  Participant 

I am one of the 700 plus people impacted by the amazing work BUBL is doing across Liberia. I was inspired and gained a new vision for myself and my community. I use my skills to bring together people to help keep our community clean by organizing cleaning up campaigns. BUBL has placed a lasting impression on me and my community. Helping out in the community is the most fun thing I love to do as a youth.

Princess Vanjahkollie_BUBL
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