I think the majority of the Liberian 

people want peace.

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 
Liberia 24th President, 2006  2018

Better Understanding for a Better Liberia (BUBL) is an all-volunteer and youth-led peace initiative. It is a registered Liberian nonprofit and non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting peace and development in Liberia. We bring young and older people together to engage in community engagement for a peaceful and better Liberia.


To promote peaceful coexistence for collective understanding, organize youth leadership and peacebuilding training to inspire young and older Liberians for a better Liberia.


To see a better Liberia today and beyond — a world where people feel empowered and trusted to take improved actions in their communities.


To maximize our peace initiative  and impact in Liberia, we practice our principles to embrace our core mission and vision.

  1. To demonstrate and promote peaceful activities

  2. To respect the beliefs, rights, and understanding of us all

  3. To embrace ourselves as the peacebuilders and leaders 

  4. To support diversity and coexistence 

  5. To create a space for inclusion and empowerment 

  6. To ensure accountability for sustainable results 

  7. To be responsible for meeting new challenges and possibilities

This is a story of how a small group of committed young men and women volunteering alongside each other flourished a vision that is promoting peace and development in Liberia. Since 2017, the idea of Better Understanding for a Better Liberia (BUBL) grew fruitfully from our first peace initiative in Voinjama City,  Lofa County, northern Liberia — in which 50 people from different religious and cultural groups gathered together to receive training in interfaith-intercultural dialogue and peacebuilding.


Over the years, we've organized several community-based training ranging from national youth summit, interfaith-intercultural dialogue, youth participation in national leadership, and peacebuilding that have impacted more than 1500 people, including youth and adults. These people have returned to their very own communities to organize peace projects and work with different local and national organizations to promote peace and development in Liberia. 


Since becoming a nonprofit organization in January 2019, we are committed to volunteering for a better Liberia by providing peaceful discussions, leadership, and peace training to Liberians.


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